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Our Motto      

            "The greatest good you can do for another
is not just to share your riches
but to reveal to him his own"
                                                                       - Benjamin Disraeli


One of the best ways to reveal our own riches is through Expressive Arts.


Expressive Arts Tidbits:


  • Our bodies learned through sound, movement and images before we could speak or write. Expressive Arts reawaken a language of image and metaphor revealing the deepest aspects of the Self and opening communication with others.

  • When individuals, groups, or communities go beyond words to communicate through the arts, they can connect deeply with one another and regenerate at the wellspring of creativity.

  • Drumming and other expressive arts help develop or enhance the body-mind connection. 


  • Hundreds of studies have been done to document the health benefits of Expressive Arts and       Drumming. They have been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, increase T-Cells (natural killer cells) and much more.

  • Albert Einstein explained the paradox something like this:                                                                        A problem cannot be solved at the level of the problem.                                                                           Expressive Arts help us to look at things from a different perspective.


  • Expressive Arts, including Drumming can be used in many ways;                                                         One-on-one, in groups, even the corporate world can use them for Stress Reduction,                    Team Building and Creative Problem Solving.                                                                 

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Sound Bites on Drumming



  • Everyone is a drummer. We were all drumming before we could walk or talk.                                    (Look at a 6 month old baby, they drum on everything.)                                  


  • Our first experience of anything was a heartbeat.                                                                                       This is why drumming works so well at bringing people together,                                                         even people who speak different languages, everyone relates to the drumbeat.           


  • When organizations have weekend offsites, they often say the best work is done Sunday after everyone spent Saturday night at the bar “bonding.”  Drumming has the same effect, without the alcohol, and can be used to start off the meeting to ensure the best work is done from the beginning.


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        • We could learn a lot from crayons:

Some are sharp, some are pretty,

Some are dull, some have weird names,

And all are different colors…but

They all exist very nicely in the same box.

-          THE POSITIVE SIDE OF LIFE, Unknown author


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